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Staff Directory

Name Position/Department Email Website
Abbott, Tara Art
Allen, Rachel Librarian Link
Allen, Judy Second Grade
Allen, Roy Bus Driver
Archibee, Benjamin Fourth Grade
Archibee, Deborah Cafeteria
Artini, Thomas Music-Instrumental
Barker, Betty Food Service Helper
Bartlett, Sue Library Teacher
Bauer, Lisa Special Education
Benedict, William Physical Education
Bibbins, Aimee Reading
Boenning, Jonny Custodial Worker
Brimmer, Cindy Special Education
Broadhurst, Tammy Cleaner
Brown, Elaine Teacher Aide - PreK
Brown, Jessica Food Service Helper/Bus Aide
Burns, Janice Pupil Personnel Services Coord.
Cambareri, Mike Business Office
Carusone, Kristina Special Ed. Aide
Cashel, Robin Transportation Supervisor
Caster, Kelly Special Education
Catalano, Cynthia Bus Aide
Chistolini, Lou Interim High School Principal
Clark, Candice Third Grade
Clark, Lisa Special Ed. Aide
Coffin, Lisa Bus Driver
Connors, James Special Education
Conway, Christopher Technology Education
Conzone, Denise Elem. Support Room
Cook, Jared Health
Cornell, Sheena English
Crast, Laurie Nurse
Crast, Teresa District Data/Curriculum Coordinator
Crast, Maryanne Bus Aide
Curley, Kimberly Sixth Grade
Cwirko, Jacquelin Special Ed. Aide
Darou, Janet Kindergarten
DeGone, John Technology
Dingman, Kristen Teacher Assistant
Elderbroom, Kari Social Studies
Elkin, Denise Sixth Grade
Euler, Jennifer Special Ed. Aide
Fairchild, Rebecca Reading
Faulkner, Kyle Superintendent
Fellows, Galen Science
Ferguson, Robert Social Studies
Finnerty, Bonnie Elem. School Principal
Fisher, Kaylee Cleaner
Fitzpatrick, Shelley Business Administrator
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