Sandy Creek Wins 2017 Northern New York State VEX Robotics Championship!

Pictured from left to right: Coach DeGone, Oren McDougal, Alex Olin, Logan Hatch, Margery Yousey, Ashleigh Rosenbaum, Emily Ward, and Assistant Coach Fellows. Not pictured: Garrett LaPointe and Brittany Davis

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  • Vex Worlds
  • Northern New York State Tournament Champions
  • Northern New York State Create Award
  • Northern New York State Build Award
  • Rome Robot Skills Winner
  • Livonia Design Award
  • Syracuse City Tournament Champions

VEX EDR Robotics at Sandy Creek

This season marks the second year that Sandy Creek has participated in competitive VEX robotics. VEX robotics gives students at Sandy Creek an opportunity to apply what they have learned in all of their academic classes in a practical way that is exciting and competitive! Sandy Creek is a small town in northern Oswego county in upstate New York. We are a rural community with a total population of less than 4,000. We are best known for our annual snowfall of 240.3+ inches!
Google Map of Sandy Creek NY

Upcoming Events

VEX World Championships
4/19 - 4/22/17