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VCR - Living Life to the Fullest

December 19th, 2011

Sandy Creek Central School students in grades 6-12 enjoyed an uplifting and powerful message by Bob Lenz, an author and national speaker. In his message to the students, Bob stressed the Value of each person and their tremendous worth, Courage to stand up for what is right, and Respect for each other, teachers, their parents, and for the diversities that make each of us unique.
Bob Lenz speaks to over 350,000 teens and parents across North America each year though school assembly programs and events. He connects with the hearts and minds of youth, sharing personal stories and experiences that help youth deal with real life while challenging them to make a difference in their world. He explores sober issues while using his unique gift of humor, and somewhere between laughing at one of his embarrassing moments and getting choked up over one of his true stories, they realize their lives have been changed.