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Sandy Creek Elementary’s reading challenge rewards students with a “snow day”

Sandy Creek Elementary School Principal Tim Filiatrault reads “Snowmen at Night” to the first grade classes before going outside to make their own snowmen.
Sandy Creek Elementary School Principal Tim Filiatrault reads “Snowmen at Night” to the first grade classes before going outside to make their own snowmen.
February 20th, 2018 by Lani Camp, Public Relations

Sandy Creek Elementary, to encourage their students to read books at home, challenged their classes to keep track of how many books they read at home and the grade with the most books read would receive a special snow-inspired reward. The first grade classes read the most books in the month of January and on Wednesday, Feb. 14th they received their reward: a snow day! But not the kind most students look forward to and parents dread, this snow day was even better. The students were going to build snowmen with their teachers and principal in the courtyard at the school.

To prepare for the day, the students worked together in teams to decide a theme for their snowman, their design plan and what they would need to complete the project. On the snow date, the students came equipped with snow gear and their supplies in hand.

Prior to going outside, they all gathered in the hallway outside their classrooms and the school principal, Mr. Tim Filiatrault, read them a story called “Snowmen at Night.” After the story, they all went outside to make their own creations in snow. It was a truly special day and a great way to celebrate reading!


Teams of first grade students created snowmen as part of their reward for reading the most books at home during the January reading challenge at Sandy Creek Elementary School. Principal Tim Filiatrault joined the teams in their snowmen building.

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